Watch Beyond: Two Souls From Start To Finish Three Days Before Launch

Before you worry, we will not be posting any of the videos here, nor will we be spoiling the game for anyone. One gamer however has no issue with that, posting a 19 video long playlist of his playthrough of Quantic Dream’s latest PS3 Exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls. This is before the first scheduled released in NA October 8.

Tsume S hasn’t given away how they were able to get the game early, cryptically stating “I know a guy“. His playthrough only follows his choices however, so while the overall direction of the plot would be spoiled by a viewing, the various deviations are still unrecorded.

If you wish to view the first part of the series follow the link here.

What do you think? Will you watch the playlist or wait until you get your own copy? Let us know in the comments.