TIGA Rejects UKIE Proposed Merger

TIGA has rejected UKIE’s merger after UKIE CEO Andy Payne proposed it last week at the trade groups annual general meeting. A spokesperson told Development that TIGA will be rejecting the offer when Payne was “extending a hand” to unite the two for the sake of the UK games industry. The spokesperson however did state that TIGA was “flattered by their continued admiration“. They went into further detail about the reason for not wanting to join, stating:

“We do not see value in distracting ourselves with talks towards such an end while the games industry faces pressing matters including Games Tax Relief, R&D tax credits, improving access to finance, migration policy, education and skills and IP.”

Andy Payne wanted to unite the two groups because he believed splitting the power between the two used “half our voice, half our power – we should be one because we are a new industry.” It seems a merger is once again now on the cards, similar to how talks broke down in 2011 between the two groups becoming one.

What do you think? Is this a blow for the UK games industry, or do you agree with TIGA? Let us know in the comments.