Bioshock 2 Updated As Games For Windows Ends And Adds A Few Extras

The death of Games For Windows Live was great news for many people. The slow, inefficient system ruined many games, including 2K Marin’s Bioshock 2. Thankfully the game has been updated, letting the game run without GFWL as well as adding a few extra tweaks.

Eurogamer has reported that achievements, Big Picture mode and gamepad support has been added, as well as streamlining multiplayer. If you own the game through any other digital platform, you can register the game on Steam with the game activation key instead of having to purchase it a second time.

The update was developed by Digital Extremes, the studio responsible for The Darkness 2 and Warframe.

What do you think? WIll you be going back to play Bioshock 2 without all the GFWL faff? Let us know in the comments.