Japanese Mother Kills Her 5 Year Old Son Over a Nintendo DS

Shizu Shigeta, a 42 year old mother, living in Tokyo Japan is in court today after she asked her son a simple question, “Which is more important: your game machine or breathing?” and did not like his answer.

It all started when her five-year old son Koushi started asking for his Nintendo DS (which Shigeta had thrown in the rubbish bin the day before as a punishment). She then asked him the above question to which he, like many 5 year old children would, replied with “The game machine”. She then tied up her son and put him in two garbage bags thus causing him to suffocate to death.

She has admitted that she knew it was wrong but is claiming that the fact she took sleeping pills with alcohol drastically affected her judgement in this situation. Yeah, sure.

I don’t think I need to point out how wrong this is over something like asking for a Nintendo DS.

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