Yu-Gi-Oh TCG’s Shadow Specters Promo Card Revealed

If you are attending a pre-release of the newest Yu-Gi-Oh Set Shadow Specters then you should be receiving the newly uncovered promo card, Ghostrick Ghoul:

  • Ghostrick Ghoul
    Level 3/Dark
    Cannot be Normal Summoned, unless you control a “Ghostrick” monster. Once per turn: You can change this card to face-down Defence Position. Once per turn, during Main Phase 1: You can target 1 “Ghostrick” monster you control; it’s ATK becomes equal to the combined original ATK of all “Ghostrick” monsters currently on the field, until your opponent’s next End Phase, but if it does, only that monster can attack this turn.
    ATK 110 DEF 1200

Wow, Ghostricks are getting their very own Sirocco! Whether this card will be used at all is hard to call (until the set comes out that is) but I would say that this effect could be very useful for an archetype that has genuinely weak attacking monsters.

But what do you think? Do you like Ghostrick Ghoul? Or is it kind of a lame pre-release promo card?