Xbox One Retail Version of Battlefield 4 Will Still Run at 720p, 60FPS

 Whilst both the Xbox One and PS4 editions of Battlefield 4 have been shown to run at 720p resolution with 60FPS it was confirmed that the game ran at higher resolution in the PS4 developer environment. 
 At the Eurogamer Expo an EA rep guaranteed that retail editions of the game on Xbox One will run at 720p, 60FPS. Gamers at the event did complain of blurred graphics and lower resolutions in some locales. Despite this the game runs smoothly with no framerate drops. 

Whilst there do still seem to be some graphical flaws with the Xbox One edition of Battlefield 4 in comparison to the PC and PS4 alternatives they are being improved upon and many at Eurogamer did not believe that these niggles took away from the overall package of the game. Battlefield 4 launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC October 29th. 

Would you still pick up the Xbox One edition of Battlefield 4? 

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