Remake Of Day Of The Tentacle “80% Done” Before LucasArts Closure

A source “close to the project” told Kotaku this week that cult classic Day of the Tentacle had a remake that was “80% done“. It would have had updated graphics and cutscenes, similar to many HD remakes that are now coming out to take advantage of our nostalgia goggles.

The 1993 adventure titles was one of the games that has led to Tim Schafer being such a big name. This was back in the day when pint-and-click games were much more popular, and centered around stopping a sentient purple tentacle from taking over the world, groovy stuff.

The remake itself was never greenlit, and done out of love by the team members. This meant that even if the game was finished, there was a chance it would never have been released. Maybe one day it will be finished, bundled with precursor game Maniac Mansion.

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