Pachter Believes That PS4 Will Outsell Xbox One

Speaking on his show on GameTrailers, Pach Attack, Michael Pachter has expressed how well he believes the PS4 and Xbox One will do in their opening two weeks. Pachter believes that whilst both consoles will have no problem selling units, the PS4 will have the advantage in sales. 

“They are going to sell as many units as they ship, and they are probably going to each ship more than a million,” said Pachter.

With Sony confirming that they have taken over 1 million preorders, Pachter revealed that the President and CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton, told him that Sony have “a lot more” available.

“Sony’s has already announced the PS4 has a million pre-orders, so the answer for Sony is a million the first day. All the pre-orders are going to get filled. I just went on Amazon and you can’t pre-order an Xbox One for same-day launch – they guarantee it by Dec. 31, so they are sold out of their pre-order quantities.”

“I was surprised Sony took a million pre-orders and I talked to Jack Tretton about this and he said ‘We’re going to have a lot more units behind that at launch.” Pachter expressed.

“I guess the first couple of weeks 1.5 million [PS4] and Xbox One probably 1 million, so 2.5 million combined, which is a lot. That’s what I think you are going to see,” Pachter concluded.

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