Potential New Pokémon X and Y Screenshots From Review Copies


As some of you may or may not know, some copies of Pokémon X and Y and have been sent out to various reviewers around the world. Since then, a few screenshots have been revealed online, supposedly from the game.

First up we have this supposed Honey Badger Pokémon. No facts are know about this Pokémon at all at this time but dang it looks cute!


Next we have a shot of inside the Pokémon centre. It seems to be divided into 3 areas, a place to heal your Pokémon in the middle with a PC ot the side of it, a place to shop on the right and what seems to be a place to change your clothes on the left!


As with all rumours, take these with a pinch of salt until they are 100% confirmed!


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But what do you think of these scans? Like the Honey Badger Pokémon? What do you think of the new Pokémon Centre layout?