Crytek Confirms Ryse Visual Downgrade

It wasn’t too long ago it was confirmed that Ryse: Son of Rome will run at 900P native for the Xbox One. Now the exclusive has been dealt another visual blow, with Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli tweeting that the character triangle count will be decreases from 150k, to 85k. Less triangles means less detail, and less detail means it won’t look as pretty as we were promised.


This means what once you get that new copy of Ryse: Son of Rome, it won’t look as bright and shiyn as it did at his years E3. While it certainly will look beautiful running on CryEngine 3.5, it may take a while before we see a next-gen game taking full advantage of the hardware. We may even have to wait for a PC version before we can see the game how the developers originally intended. 

What do you think? Is this a worrying announcement to your enjoyment of the game, or are you not bothered by the glitter and sparkle of pretty graphics? Let us know in the comments.