League Of Legends: Jinx, the Loose Cannon, Revealed

 Riot Games has introduced their latest champion to the League of Legends roster, Jinx, the Loose Cannon. 
Her introduction on the League of Legends website reads as follows;

“Fire up your minigun and take aim with a massive death launcher as Jinx, the Loose Cannon. Packing major attitude and equipped with a cornucopia of carnage, Jinx is a marksman primed to leave your foes marked for demolition.”


Passive: Get Excited!

  • Jinx gains a massive movement speed boost whenever a champion or tower that she’s recently attacked is killed or destroyed. This boost decays over time.


Q: Switcheroo!

Jinx swaps weapons:

  • Fishbones, the rocket launcher: Jinx’s basic attacks consume mana but gain increased range and deal increased damage to her target and nearby enemies.
  • Pow-Pow, the minigun: Jinx’s basic attacks grant attack speed for a short duration, stacking up to three times. Stacks fall off one at a time once Jinx stops attacking.

W: Zap!

  • Jinx snaps off an electrical blast that deals damage to and slows the first enemy hit.

E: Flame Chompers!

  • Jinx throws out a line of snare grenades that detonate after a few seconds, lighting nearby enemies on fire. Enemy champions who walk over a grenade will cause it to detonate early, rooting them briefly.

R: Super Mega Death Rocket!

  • Jinx fires a global rocket that gains damage as it travels. The rocket explodes on the first enemy champion hit, dealing damage to the target and all nearby enemies based on a percentage of their missing health.


Jinx is built to be an attack damage based carry for the team. This will see her being utilized in the bottom lane frequently. Whilst she lacks escapes it is clear that her abilities are packed full of options whilst her passive and ultimate provide massive global threat following a good attack by her team. It gives her great snowball potential within her kit. 


Below is a video with finer details on Jinx’s kit and potential. 


What do you think of the new champion? Would you be looking to grab her as a new character for you to master? 

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