Disgaea D2 is available in Europe today dood!

Disgaea D2 is the remake of Disgaea 2 not only has it been made in HD the core gameplay has been upgraded for a better playing experience.

The Key Features of the new game are:

  • Enhanced Customisation: Character customisation system has been completely redone to allow even more customisation.
  • Master/Pupil System: You choose who is the master and who is the pupil and what skills to learn. The pupil gains new skills and higher weapon stats, while the master gets stat bonuses.
  • Item Word: The item world is back, power up your weapons and your characters in random dungeons.
  • Geo Panel: Geo panels make a return, turn the tide of the battle with changing the terrain bonuses.
  • Old friends are back and new ones surface: Bringing back the fan favourites trio Etna, Laharl and Flonne with new characters in a brand new story.

If you are a Disgaea fan you will love the latest game if you are new to the series this is a good one to jump in on and start. Buy the game from the places below.

NISA Store (Normal and Limited Editions Dood!)



If you are still unsure keep an eye out for our review of Disgaea D2 very soon! Let us know what you think about Disgaea D2 in the comments below.