Yu-Gi-Oh Yugi and Kaiba Reloaded Decks Revealed

As you can see, Konami are re-living the good old days and bringing back the old Yugi and Kaiba starter decks in a big new way.

“Are you a fan of the Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series? Now you can Duel just like Yugi and Kaiba! We’ll be releasing an all-new Yugi Starter Deck Reloaded and the Kaiba Starter Deck Reloaded in December!”

So far, the only know cards in these decks are the ones you can see on the boxes; Yugi’s comes with Silent Swordsman LV5 and Dark Magician and Kaiba’s comes with Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Blade Knight.

What do you think of the Yugi and Kaiba Reloaded Decks? Interesting? Or milking a classic series of Yu-Gi-Oh?