Hotline Miami: A Short Film Has Less Than 48 Hours To Acheive Funding

An Indiegogo campaign to fund a fan-made movie of indie game cult hit, Hotline Miami, has reached its final 48 hours. It still has a way to go however, with only $8,580 raised towards the $50,000 target.

Hotline Miami itself was heavily influenced by 2011 movie Drive, with similarities between the silent protagonist and Ryan Gosling’s character. The developers Dennaton Games thanking the movie in the credits of the game. Short film director Saman Kesh has promised to stay close to the games tone and visual flare, which itself is pretty close to Drive.

If you want to help the campaign, you can find the link here. While the chances of it reaching its goal slim, odder things have happened.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Hotline Miami shot film? Let us know in the comments.