Why Batman: Arkham Origins won’t be on PS4 or Xbox One


Many of the big current gen games will be coming to us on the next-gen consoles, but the exception to this is Batman: Arkham Origins which will not be released on PS4 or Xbox One. Earlier today, WB Games Montreal game director, Michael McIntyre discussed just why this is the case.

“Making the game for current-gen consoles was primarily about keeping the team focused and making the most of their expertise. Our team has extensive experience with current-gen systems, and dividing their focus between two generations of console was something that didn’t make sense to us.

“We were a new team and a new studio trying to make our mark on a beloved franchise and we wanted all our attention focused on making the game great as opposed to making it available on new platforms.

“That being said, the game will still be available on many platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, PCand Wii U) when it launches on October 25th,” McIntyre said.

The game will be released this October.

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