Surgeon Simulator 2013 Getting New Content

Bossa Studio has today announced a new update for the indie mega hit of the year, Surgeon Simulator 2013. The new update will send Nigel, the hapless amateur surgeon into space for some zero-gravity medical mayhem.

Players will now be able to try their hands at Brain Surgery and Kidney Surgey in space, with a grand total of 18 new Steam Achievements for them to earn along the way.

The update is free – if you’ve been slicing it up since release or even if you buy the game one Steam now, the new content will cost nothing.

On the more intriguing side of things, Bossa Studios have also announced “Top Secret World Stopping Secret Content”. This content is apparently tied in with a mysterious alternate-reality campaign which Bossa has titled Codename Trisha.

Surgeon Simulator is available now on Steam for £6.99/$9.99. Will you be playing the new content?

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