New Information On Dark Souls 2 Released

 2013’s Tokyo Games Show allowed From Software’s exhibition of Dark Souls 2 to be displayed to hundreds of fans. Many were allowed to play the RPG which revealed several new features working within the title. 

Firstly it seems that after each death followed by, ‘rebirth’ as one of the undead you will lose a per cent amount of your total health. It currently seems to be capped at 50% of your max health but this loss of health cannot be recovered whilst in undead form. Another change however is that returning to human form no longer requires a bonfire but can be done anywhere with a, ‘Human Effigy’. This prevents backtracking to previous bonfires or chapters simply to recover humanity in the game. 

A new faction also enters the game, known as, The Way of the Blue. By joining this faction the player will be able to call an assistant known as the Blue Sentinel to his side during battles. Various inventory changes have also taken place, a character can now take three subjects in each hand and the number of item slot shortcuts has been increased to 10. 

More details will most likely follow as we draw near to the grand release of Dark Souls 2. 

Dark Souls 2 is set for a console release in Europe on 14th March 2014.