GTA Online Microtransactions Confirmed

Reports from gamer website Eurogamer suggest that Rockstar will be offering four currency cards in GTA Online which will be purchasable with real-world currency. This information backs up the rumours that were seen yesterday on Reddit. The four currency cards will be priced from £1.99 upto £13.49.

The £1.99 card is called the Red Shark Cash Card and is worth $100,000 in game. Next up is the Tiger Shark card, worth $200,000 it will be sold at £3.49. The Bull Shark card will cost £6.99 and will net you $500,000 to spend online whilst the most expensive card, the £13.49 Great White Shark card, is worth $1,250,000.

Whilst some of the expensive items in GTA V may cause you to believe that people will be purchasing Great White Shark cards like candy, the more expensive items such as cars will cost considerably less in GTA Online. For example a $1 million car will cost only $150,000 in GTA Online. Not everything will be cheaper though as upgrades and modifications for Vehicles and Weapons will be more expensive, but also unlockable at the same time.

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