The Whispering Tide Secret World Event Has Begun

After the events of Issue #7: A Dream to Kill, Funcom is ramping up the intensity level of The Secret World. With The Whispering Tide event just beginning, will we see Tokyo soon?

This newest event is a little spoiler-tastic, so anyone who hasn’t had the time to “finish” the story so far go back and don’t let this article spoil the wonderfully occult tale for you.

Warning – Spoilers Below

With Agartha infected with the universe ending Filth, all fingers are pointing to the Orochi Group and the events in Tokyo glimpsed at this far. The black goop is spilling out from the Tokyo Agartha portal, and it is up to players to stem the tide. Detailed on the official Secret World site, there is no set time limit for this event. Players will have to amount resources and kill whatever stands in their way to “win” access to Tokyo.

The event has begin, so grab some friends and go slay some Filth.

What do you think? Are you ready to enter find out what happened in Tokyo? Let us know in the comments.