Spartacus Legends Update Will Feature Tournaments

It seems fitting that Spartacus Legends is getting a Tournament feature – the gladitoral fighting game has been brutally slicing and maiming as a free-to-play game on consoles since its release in the summer. Spartacus Legends is based on the equally gory and over-the-top Starz TV series Spartacus, and is one of the few F2P titles on Xbox 360.

Arriving early this Autumn, the first tournament series will see the best gladiators vying for the chance to become the Champion of Capua. For those interested in crazy statisics, Ubisoft had a few of those to dish out too:

  • 4 million active players
  • 140 million gladiator matches fought
  • 17 million slaves purchased to battle as gladiators
  • 18 million faces cut off, enough to plaster the walls around ancient Rome, twice
  • 28 million dismembered limbs, laid end to end span the distance between North and South Poles
  • 56 million executions, more than the population of Spain
  • 70 million gallons of blood spilt, enough to overflow the Colosseum

Players who take part in these tournaments will receive in-game rewards such as gold, limited edition equipment, and unique player titles – the most desriable of which will be “Champion of Capua”.

Are you a Spartacus Legends player? Will you be downloading the new update? Let us know what you think in the comments below.