Xbox One Confirmed for a Japanese Release In 2014

 It was really a matter of time but today, in an interview with Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft’s Xbox One console will hit Japanese shores. A release date has not been confirmed, but we do know that the console will be released in 2014.

Spencer confirms these details,

“The release in Japan will happen in 2014. The announcement of a firm release date and price won’t happen at Tokyo Game Show 2013. We’ll announce that some time in the future. At the moment I cannot answer on when exactly in 2014 it will happen.”

He continues, 

“The Xbox One itself, Kinect, the entertainment services and the games are almost finalized, but we thought that when launching on an important market like Japan, it’s necessary to launch in ‘perfect shape’, including localization and local partnerships. Due to the time necessary for that, we decided to miss the November 22nd launch date.”

Japanese gamers at the Tokyo Game Show applauded the news although they will still need to wait for some time until the console reaches Japanese homes.


What do you think of the delayed release in Japan? 

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