Heroes Unite, DC Comics Deck-Building Game Revealed

 Today Warner bros. Consumer Products, DC Entertainment and Cryptozoic Entertainment have announced their latest expansion for last year’s very popular DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite. The expansion will allow fans of the game to explore various new powers for their Heroes and use these new skill cards to defeat the new Super-Villains of the DC Comics Universe. Heroes Unite can be played alone, or combined with the original cards from DC Comics Deck-building game.

Adam Sblendorio, senior brand manager of Cryptozoic Entertainment has commented,

“As one of our best selling games for 2013 and the best selling game at this year’s Gen Con, there’s no question that the expansion to the DC Comics Deck-building Game has been one of our most anticipated announcements. We’re anxious to get Heroes Unite into hands of the fans as it’s the first game designed to mix with the original DC Coomics Deck-building Game, with plans for many more to come.”

Within Heroes Unite a player must select one of seven Super Heroes, including characters such as Shazam! or Batgirl. Each player starts with basic combat abilities but can improve their deck with more potent Heroes, Super Powers, Items and more. Power is the resource players must use to gather more significant cards. When enough cards are collected in the line-up players can defeat powerful Super-Villains such as Amazo. Players have to be prepared to face one villain after another and must expect the destruction Super-Villains can cause to players. 


The DC Comics Deck-building game: Heroes Unite should be released in the last quarter of 2013 with an expected retail price of $40. More details on the game can be foudn at the Cryptozoic website. 

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