A Gamer Has Supposedly Been Killed for Grand Theft Auto V in the UK

At 1:20 BST today in North London, a 23 year old was hit with a brick, stabbed and then mugged for their watch, phone and their copy of Grand Theft Auto V mere moments after heading home from a local midnight release of said game. The victim is still alive and as of right now, no suspect has been found, so local police are appealing for information.

This news piece seems to be implying that the victim was attacked for his copy of Grand Theft Auto V thus painting gamers (and to some extent the game) in a negative light. This is an odd change of pace considering that the same day the BBC put news piece which hailed the Grand Theft Auto series as one of the UK’s finest exports.

What do you think of this news? Was making the news piece centre around the game correct? Or over the top?