PlanetSide 2 Developers Planning To Speed Up Gameplay

 Sony Online Entertainment are planning to initiate what they have called, “Operation: Make Faster Game”. This is a move to dramatically improve PlanetSide 2’s framerate and more as announced by technical director Ryan Elam on the PlanetSide forums.

For Elam, the “core game” of PlanetSide 2 is in place and the team is now simply moving to improve and innovate with positive changes to the title. Choices such as altering the games physics, changes to the overhead manager and player UI are the first steps towards improving the game.

Elam has commented, 

“What you’re going to get at the end of this is a serious, noticeable increase in frame rate, plus some ancillary benefits that are capable as a result of some of these architectural advances. Every single member of the team, no joke, is actively looking for and implementing ways to make the game faster so we can deliver a better gameplay experience”

Be sure to check our the forum link above for further details on these changes. 

Many of these changes have been expected by players since Alpha, are you excited for these patches?

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