GamesCom 2013: Planetside 2

The biggest update coming to Planetside 2 in the near future is a new map. Hossin, the name of the new map is different from the previous maps in Planetside 2 and is bursting with life. The biggest change for Planetside 2 players in Hossin is the amount of cover given to infantry troops. Air supremacy is a thing of the past on Hossin; players are able to hide in the deep parts of the forest taking cover from enemies in the air while planning their counter attacks.

Fear not air players, we were told that players who like using air vehicles will still have their chance in the new map but it will be a lot more difficult than in other maps due to nature getting in the way. Infantry will have the better advantage in this map and should add a little different spice to the mix than there has been on the other maps.

Other news about Planetside 2 is the Outfits, Outfits will have a rating system and can capture bases. Outfits that helps contribute the most to the base capture will be rewarded with their emblem on the base flags, showing that they are the ones who captured that base.

A new boxed version of the game will be hitting retail stores with bonus content if you pick up a copy seeing as the game is F2P. This boxed version of the game is also meant to be there to help with downloading the game on slower or unstable connections.

More and more updates will be coming and players will be able to vote on community suggest ideas which might help them become part of the actual game in future releases.

Overall the updates coming to Planetside 2 should make for some exciting battles with the new lush environment that is Hossin and it might be a good chance of pace for old Planetside 2 players who have been waiting for something big, new and shiny to come to the game which gives them something different to explore. It might bring players back to the game following the recent news about the gameplay being sped up.

If you want to check out Planetside 2 head over to the Planetside 2 website and get going!

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