Fable Anniversary Is Not Coming To Xbox One

Lionhead Studios has no plans to release Fable Anniversary on Xbox One, despite the game being pushed back to a 2014 release over coming out this fall. Craig Oman later confirmed this on twitter, stating, “There are no plans to bring Fable Anniversary to Xbox One”.

If gamers are looking for a next gen release in the Fable series, that will come from Fable Legends. Fable Anniversary, the high definition re-release of the original Fable should now be expected to come out next February. The re-make will include all original content including its Lost Chapters expansion pack. The game will not be coming out on PC.

Now support by the unreal engine with updated character models, textures, materials and cutscenes the new, remastered title is looking to impress the old guard of the Fable fanbase. Lionhead have confirmed however that no new content outside of the original expansions will be added to Fable Anniversary. 

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