The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 13/09


The nights are drawing in and that pesky little next gen still hasn’t arrived. Luckily for us Steam are still putting on sales like it’s their job (it probably is) so check out what you can pick up for great price below.

It’s Activision weekend on Steam all weekend, with new deals every day it’s worth hitting that refresh button on the Steam store. Prototype, Call of Duty and Deadpool all have reduced prices, just to name a few, check out the Activision sale page and see if anything takes your fancy, some great deals to be had here!  

rogue legacy

Rouge Legacy is a 2D side-scrolling action game where you play as descendants of your last deceased character. Every time your character dies you play as a descendant of that characters and can unlock traits and abilities for future bloodlines. This is an extremely fun little game and right now you can get it for 40% off at just £7.19!


Tomb Raider is one of the hottest games to come out this year. Feeling like a mix between Farcry 3 and Uncharted, the game was very popular and had generally good responses from everyone. Even VGU were impressed by this reboot to the franchise. If you still haven’t played this game now is the perfect time, as the game is down 75% to just £7.49. Pick it up and see what you think.