Pokémon X and Y Starter Evolutions and More Trailer

After CoroCoro Magazine showcased all of the brand new Pokémon X and Y news, Nintendo decided to release this trailer to not only show off these Pokémon, but also reveal their English names!

  • Chespin’s evolution, Hariboogu is called Quilladin.
  • Fennekin’s evolution, Teerunaa , is called Braixen.
  • Froakie’s evolution, Gekogashira, is called Frogadier.
  • Chigorasu is called Tyrunt and its ability, Strong Jaw, keeps its Japanese name.
  • Amarusu is called Amaura and its ability, is now called Refrigerate.
  • Tyrunt is obtained with the Jaw Fossil and Amaura with the Sail Fossil.
  • Torimian is called Furfrou and its ability Fur Coat keeps its Japanese name. Its move, Baby Doll Eyes, moves first and lowers the opponent’s Attack.
  • Nyaonikusu is called Meowstic.
  • Pyroar has a female form.
  • Lastly, some other small changes include; Ghost types are no longer affected by moves that prevent fleeing such as Mean Look, Grass Pokémon can’t be seeded or affected by moves such as SleepPowder or Stun Spore and Electric types can no longer be Paralysed.

So that’s most likely the last bit of news we are going to be getting before the release of Pokémon X and Y in October.

What do you think about this trailer? Do you like this new Pokémon X and Y news? Or was it not up to scratch?