Total War: Rome 2 – Patch 1.5 Beta Leaves Game Unplayable For Many


 The Creative Assembly has recently released a, “Total War: Rome 2” Patch 1.5 Beta which was expected to, fix, among other issues, low frame rates experienced by gamers when on the Campaign Map. However these patches only help those who have both high-end graphics cards and mid range CPU’s, leaving many to struggle with frame rate and graphical glitches. 

A Creative Assembly employee says, “Total War: Rome 2 Patch 1.5 hasn’t helped everyone” and this seems to be somewhat of an understatement for even those who were supposed to gain from the latest patch.

Many are suffering from complete crashes:


In some instances the game just becomes a utter mess:




Creative Assembly have now retreated on their patch, claiming that it requires additional testing. It was stated that CA will, “move back Patch 2 slightly…increase the amount of fixes included in it.” It is expected that the patch will be brought out properly later in the week.

These main complaints are coupled with game breaking A.I and simplified multiplayer and campaign nuances which has left many fans of the Total War series scratching their heads.

 The forums stating this issues can be found here. 

What do you think of the latest attempts by CA to patch their game?

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