[UPDATE] Project Destati Site is Teasing More Kingdom Hearts News

In the last few hours, a website called “Project Destati”, at http://destati.jp, went up online with an image detailing a part of the deep dive sequence (from various Kingdom Hearts games) and a count down which is set to end this coming Monday. The twitter account linked to the site is tweeting quotes from the first deep dive in the first Kingdom Hearts, asking the various questions the players is asked at the start of the game as well as many other famous quotes from the series.

It is unknown exactly what this site is counting down to, but, could this be the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD? Or maybe more information on Kingdom Hearts 3 before Tokyo Game Show? Heck, even Kingdom Hearts Chi news would be good!

[UPDATE] Looks like Kingdom Hearts fans have been diddled again as this website seems to be a fan made website. A representative from Square Enix has told Game Informer that the Destati website and Twitter account are not official in any way. 

What do you think this site could be teasing? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!