Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Preview

During the Telford Insomnia 49 Gaming Festival we caught up with Logitech’s Alex Machado who gave us the details on their latest hardware mouse product, the G602 Logitech Gaming Mouse. For Machado it is an example of how, “science wins”. What is perhaps most interesting and unique about the product was its battery life. With a simple flick of a switch, the mouse can be altered between Endurance Mode and Game Performance Mode. 

Game Performance mode shines most brightly, with Machado commenting,Game Performance mode has enough battery life for a trip to the moon and back, 3.4 times.” In other words you can use this more powerful mode, which utilizes all of the mouses 2.4 Gigahertz potential for over 250 hours of non-stop gaming. 

By contrast the Endurance setting will allow someone to use the mouse for over 1,440 hours of constant gaming. This is a huge step up over Logitech’s previous editions, such as the G700-S which clocked in only 30 hours of battery life on average. Machado also stressed that the G602 will also operate with only one battery in the mouse, with full functionality, perfect for panic situations or to squeeze what juice you have left out of the batteries hanging around your house.

Whilst its battery life is impressive, the mouse also builds on Logitech’s, “science element”. The G602 is dual design, allowing for a diverse product. The mouse was comfortable and easy to use with various hand sizes and is customized with 6 thumb buttons, brilliant for, “on the fly DPI shifting”. Machado believed that this would be of particular use for FPS gamers who wish to perfect, for example, customized scope zoom ins according to the thumb buttons. Mouse wheel sensitivity may also be altered.

We were able to confirm that the G602 gaming mouse will sell for £69.99This price seems respectable considering the capability and massive use one can gain from the mouse. We asked Machado if he believed that the future of gaming mice is those that provide better accessibility. 

Machado concluded,“we make products for hardcore pc gamers…if you look at other platforms there are a range of different ways players can interact with a game…for now we are stuck with mouse and keyboard.” yet a,  “mouse will give much better control…so this is something we will pursue for the foreseeable future.” it seems that whilst the G602 is dynamic, it is for the purpose of hardcore gaming, not iPad levels of accessibility. 

The G602 gaming mouse is set for release later in September, further details on the product can be found here. 

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