Persona Video Content Removed From Youtube

Over the last few days, many videos from the Persona series by Atlus have been removed from youtube. The content has been stripped from the website due to a channel, allegedly owned by a Russian sketch comedian and news presenter, claiming on the rights.

Not just individual videos but also entire accounts have been removed from youtube. Including those who had created remixes of famous Shin Megami Tensai tracks. In an interesting turn of events however, it seems as if a collection of Russian based accounts have been uploading some of these channels highest rated videos. This is leading into a fishing exercise which involves peoples personal information such as their name, address and phone number.

There is no evidence as of yet to prove that the channel in question is taking down the videos. The account bringing up copyright strikes happens to entirely consist of videos from Russian actress Svetlana Daw.

As the man behind VGU’s own channel and after being on youtube for seven years, I have seen a lot of turmoil and copyright disputes. Hopefully the channels effected by this can have their content restored and their accounts returned with the help of the websites support and Atlus themselves.

What are your thoughts on Persona videos being taken down? Are you a victim of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.