GTA Online Includes 500 Missions And Other New Details

Grand Theft Auto Online has many people pumped, and not just because Rockstar are the masters of teasing its fans. Not much has really been told to us about GTA Online except the vague details.

In a recent preview, CVG have released a few more specifics about what will be going on in this virtual wonder-world. Here is the hit-list of features you can play with:

  • There is no narrative as you delve into the criminal underworld, with no definite end
  • The aim of GTA Online is to make money and spend it
  • Characters appear in cutscenes but don’t speak, similar to GTA 3
  • Female Characters can be created to wreck havoc
  • Most of the main campaigns activities will be playable in GTA Online
  • There are over 500 missions, some which can be done solo and others which will require a crew
  • The Online portion takes place after the main story and will share a few key characters
  • You will be introduced to new characters as you make a name for yourself in the criminal underworld
  • Franklin’s friend Lamar will introduce you to a car dealer, who wants you to steal cars for him similar to Brucie from GTA IV
  • Biker gangs will provide support if they like you enough
  • Abilities like being able to hide from the police will be unlocked by knowing certain characters
  • Airstrikes will be available
  • Rockstar uses a “dynamic” system to populate GTA Online with friends, crew members and other players of your skill level
  • GTA Online has been created to be highly customisable, including letting you choose who you want to play with
  • The game makes missions that fit in your play style more apparent
  • There’s both personal and crew ranking
  • Character creation includes choosing your parentage and your characters personality
  • Starting skills are based on their lifestyle, but can be upgraded and customised like their appereance
  • Players who are passangers can change radio station, set waypoints, and perform drive-bys
  • Holding the select button lets you change clothes and other personality options
  • Phones can be used to take selfies
  • The mic can be used to shout at characters who will respond in certain situations
  • Escaping from threats involves staying out of visions cones and the local area
  • After missions cash and experience are rewarded, with crew leaders in charge of divying out the goods
  • Crew leaders can take all the rewards if they wish
  • Invites are received through the character’s phone and transeports them to the location
  • Cars can also be customised at set points around the city
  • In missions players can be assigned roles such as sniper and assualt. Crew leaders can tweak settings including the time of day, weather, difficulty and how many lives the crew has.
  • Every member will have priorities dependant on their role in missions
  • When you purchase a suitable enough location, you can set up heists akin to the main game
  • Heists include multiple phases including buying guns. These tasks can be delegated to other crew members
  • A passive mode is available that allows you to play GTA Online unimpeded by others players. This is deactivated once you fire a gun
  • You cash can be taken when you are killed, so putting it in the bank is recommended
  • You can still purchases things even if all your money is in the bank
  • You can put bounties on other players if they steal your goods
  • Each house has storage for cars, with higher-end real estate having room for more vehicles
  • Garages can be used as showrooms to show off your assets and can be maintained by mechanics. They can also be insured to avoid large pay-outs when they eventually blow-up
  • Friends can be invited to your home and perform activities like drinking and calling strippers while you watch Rockstar created television
  • Rockstar’s Social Club will control how missions work and allow Rockstar to develop the Online portion of the game as it evolves

This is all sounding too good to be true. Can Rockstar really deliver on all of their promises? We will have to wait and see. Thankfully that wait isn’t too long now.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released September 17 world wide on PS3 and Xbox 360, but GTA Online will not be released until October 1. This should give you enough time to experience the story and get comfortable before throwing yourself into the chaotic world of online play.

What do you think? Does all that fill you with excitement, or will you be ignoring the online part of the game? Let us know in the comments.