State of Decay Coming To PC “In A Couple Weeks”

Undead Labs haven’t forgotten about their promise to release their Zombie survival simulator before the end of the year. In fact, they have recently posted on Facebook stating that the PC version will be coming soon indeed.

In a couple weeks or so” seems to be the target, probably coming out before the end of September. Now before you get too excited this will only be the Steam Early Access version, which will only support controller input. The full, more polished version for mouse and keyboard players will follow at some point after “before the year is out“.

Rounding up their activity at PAX Prime, Undead Labs stated they had the PC version on show and liked “how pretty SoD looks on a PC“. For anyone wondering what specs they will need to play the game, they dropped the vague details that “It was a normal machine with two year old components, running the game on the medium settings“. The game will also come with the sandbox DLC which is designed to push players zombie avoiding abilities to the max.

What do you think? Will you be getting the early access version to use your analogue favouring fingers, or waiting for WASD capabilities? Let us know in the comments.