Namco Bandai Open Registrations for Dark Souls II Closed Beta

 Sometimes, being murdered by hideous monsters over and over again needs to be checked for consistency, patching and playability, who knew?

For Dark Souls II fans this moment has come.

 Registrations for Namco Bandai’s latest project has been announced by their facebook page today. 

The first test is due to occur on the 12th October 2013, followed by another session on the 27th October. 

Namco Bandai has warned however that not all who apply to test the PS3 edition of the game will gain entry. 

“This is a registration ticket to apply for taking part in the DARK SOULS II beta testing.
If you wish to apply for participation in this Closed Beta testing session, please download now. Out of the players who have downloaded this registration ticket, players will be chosen and those who qualify will receive notice of how to take part in the Closed Beta testing.
Players who receive product codes qualify to part take in the Closed Beta testing.”


So, if you own a PS3 and want a taste of this new game which, promise, you do, then get applying!


What do you think of the Dark Souls series?

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