HAWKEN Ascension Update Goes Live Today


Adhesive games’ free-to-play shooter HAWKEN sees you fighting against opponents inside of mechs. Today marks the debut of the next big update to the game which has been christened the Ascension Update. Ascension sees a massive overhaul to many systems within the game all aimed to improve the gameplay for players.

The first and most noticable update is that to the HUD. Every mech within HAWKEN has received an update to the HUD to get you the information you need in game a lot cleaner and without disrupting the experience. Alongside this the experience system has changed. Unlocking items to use with your mech as you level it up, the new system unlocks new mechs by max leveling your previous one and allows you to level up other mechs you aren’t using. Items have been overhauled also. Each mech now has item slots with more powerful items requiring more of the slots to be used. This new system increases the variety available when customising your mech and will make you have to make decisions between a powerful item or a few more items which have a larger range of utility.

The systems in HAWKEN haven’t just been altered however there have been additions to the game. With new internal items allowing for more variety to play and giving more abilities including the ability to dodge whilst airborn. Along side all the mech upgrades there is also a brand new map for players to experience. Themed around a green jungle, the map Last Eco has been designed to be used within every game mode available.


HAWKEN has also been made even more friendly for newer players, with the inclusion of an all new tutorial designed to help players go from being a rookie to someone with some advanced maneuvers under their belt. Offline Team Deathmatch has also been included, allowing players to face it off in a 3 on 3 Team Deathmatch alongside 2 AI partners.

“It’s been a lot of work and we’ve spent countless hours listening to our community working on these new features. We’re confident that HAWKEN fans will enjoy what we’re bringing them in the Ascension Update” said Adhesive Games’ Senior Producer, Jason Hughes 

Chief Production Officer of Meteor Entertainment, Bill Wagner adds “The HAWKEN: Ascension Update makes it easier than ever for new players to jump into the game, while adding more customization and game polish that our veteran players will appreciate. The update is a result of some of the fantastic feedback and support we’ve gotten from HAWKEN fans over the past several months.”

The trailer below was created by the team to help showcase some of the many improvements to the HAWKEN experience.

For the full list of updates, including every item and stat change head over to PlayHawken.com.

What are your thoughts on the latest update to HAWKEN? Excited to try out the new map, Last Eco? Let us know what you think in the comments below.