Farming Simulator Console Edition : Launch Trailer Is Here

 Farming Simulator, a game with mass growing popularity is set for release today in both Europe and Japan, with an American release  to follow shortly after.

The console edition of Farming Simulator adds a large sway of new features with many of them being revealed in their launch trailer, which went online yesterday.


The game now has an expansive new world within a entirely different American based setting in which you can farm, harvest, sell your products and attend to animals, etc etc! 

One of the games most impressive features is the inclusion of over 100 farming vehicles for you to drive in, all from famous manufacturers.


With a game that is essentially trying to provide you with a realistic farming experience alongside a huge, interactive open world and several ways to chase your farming career it really is quite a surprisingly and well made package.


Get your farming hats on ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to harvest. 


What do you think of the Farming Simulator launch trailer?

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