Rome 2 Total War Experiences Significant Technical Issues at Launch

 At 8am 3rd September The Creative Assembly’s latest title, Rome 2: Total War was released to a crowd, who were expecting this in many ways to be the real time strategy game of year. 

So far it’s run into a fair few hiccups. 

Various Steam pages and threads on the Creative Assembly forums list an endless line of angry customers who are complaining about but not limited to;

Poor Performance, regardless of graphical hardware
Terrible Textures, pop ins and outright missing parts of the environment 
Campaign Bugs and Crashes
UI interface failures 
AI underperformance

That afternoon the Offical Creative Assembly forums went offline, further adding insult to thousands of frustrated gamers. 

So far The Creative Assembly have recommended the following solutions,

  • If you are experiencing low resolution textures when running on extreme, its most likely that you don’t have enough video memory.You can force an override by ticking the unlimited video memory tick box in the advanced graphics settings however this may impact performance.
  • Another thing, the vegetation alpha is an option that should be set to off for all but the most powerful rigs.
  • A workaround has been found that could help some of you: by setting your game in windows mode you shouldn’t experience texture issues any more.

If you still have this issue, please update your post stating you have tried these solutions and that it hasn’t worked. If it did work could you please update your post to state that instead?

When editing your post to confirm your issue is ongoing, please add your DxDiag as explained here and add your preferences.script.thx.

To get your preferences.script.thx:

  • Go to Start->Search and type run
  • New window will pop up and type in: appdata
  • this will open the appdata folder
  • Go to folder: Roaming
  • Go to folder: Creative Assembly
  • Go to folder: Rome2
  • Go to folder: scripts
  • open preferences.script.txt
  • post the content


Personally as an major fan of the Total War this cluster of a release is nothing but bitter disappointment.
It is very likely that CA will fix most of these issues, but it once more brings up the debate of should a game be released, when it is this unpolished to an eager and paying audience?


What do you think of the issues so far?  Can you look past them? 


Let us know what you think in the comments below.