New Mega Pokémon Starters Confirmed in Pokémon X and Y


In the recent Pokémon Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that not only do you get the original starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) but they can evolve into Mega Pokémon! It seems you are given the new region’s starter Pokémon by your friend in game before you even meet the new Professor. When you do meet Sycamore, he gives you one of the Kanto Region starter Pokémon on top of the Pokémon you already have.

You get one of these given to you via the new Professor!

This news is in keeping with the list of possible Mega Pokemon released fairy recently, does this mean that list is true?


Mega Venusaur!


Mega Charizard!


Mega Blastoise!

What do you think of this latest reveal? Not sure about these new Mega’s? Then make sure to check out what these new Mega Pokémon can do before you judge! 

Like the idea of Mega Starter Pokémon? Will you being using any of them in your team? Let us know what you think!