The One Card I Cannot Live Without In Magic The Gathering


When it comes to Magic the Gathering every player has the cards they cannot live without. These cards are either the legendary staples, the one-of-a-kind power houses or the unsung heroes. Since everyone’s favourite card is completely different, the impressions they leave on you as a player are iconic in their own right. Today I get to share with you guys my favourite card and why I just can’t live without it.

The one card I love to bits is a Planeswalker that is a living badass. The master of technology and the king of Artifacts, the one and only Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas.

The master of artifacts has also got my favourite Planeswalker art in the game

Why do I love this card? Simple, I love artifacts. I currently have a modern artifact deck that runs nothing but artifacts. It is also the first deck I ever created by myself so it does hold a special place in my MTG experience. Tezzeret makes any artifact deck work due to his abilities and flow in the game.

Once you pay the cheap four mana (Two Colourless, One Blue, One Black) to get this beast out on the field you have all you need to potentially win the game. Using his +1 ability every turn guarantees that you get an artifact in your hand that can help you. Once you have a bunch of these on the field, his -1 ability can help you get rid of threats or pressure your opponent; a free 5/5 creature is not something to take lightly. Lastly you can activate his -4 ability after one turn if you so wish. This ability can make or break a game in the right circumstances. The number of times I have just used this ability to win a game when I have ten artefacts on the field is countless, but it is always satisfying.

With Tezzeret in your deck alongside other artifact cards such as Door to Nothingness & Chromatic Lantern with a wide range of mana, this card can be the Planeswalker that dominates any and every game. With some great artwork by Aleksi Briclot to finish it all off, I am very happy to say that Tezzeret is my number one card that I just can’t live without.


After winning a few times with this card, be prepared to loose a friendship or two

Now I want to know what your favourite card is. What it that number one masterpiece that you just can’t play without? Let us know what your favourite is down in the comments and share with us some of your favourite MTG moments in the VGU Forums.