Sony Will Reportedly Reveal Virtual Reality Headset at Tokyo Game Show

According to sources close to gaming magazine CVG, during Sony’s TGS showcase the company will reveal their own Virtual Reality headset for the PS4. This would round off the PS4’s hardware lineup. Pictured above is the 3D headset developed by Sony which the VR headset will supposedly resemble.

Supposedly the headset was originally to be revealed during Gamescom last month but Sony decided against the reveal at the last minute. With the Occulus Rift gaining much support from the gaming industry it would place Sony’s headset as direct competition to the device, which could cause a number of problems for Sony’s device. The new headset will be marketed as a seperate addition for the PS4 console just like the updated PlayStation Eye camera.

Evolution Studios, developers of the PS4 title Drive Club, are reportedly already working with the hardware for incorporation with Drive Club for a cockpit view. Bringing more likelihood to the hardware’s existance above being just a rumour. 

What do you think of the reported headset? Would you like to see this be more than a rumour? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.