Aion 4.0 Update now Live

The current ruler Tiamat has now been defeated and a new opponent is ready to rise up through the ranks desperate to satisfy his sense of power. Get ready to put a stop to his take over and save Atreia from certain doom. Prepare yourself with the new 4.0 update which is now available to play on the European Servers. 

The biggest addition to the 4.0 update is the two new classes Artist and Engineer. Artists turns into Bards and Engineers turns to Gunners from level 10. Explore Katalam’s regions and prove your courage in six instances as well as in challenging fortress and garrison battles. The new skills, weapons and armour will also help you to ascend to the maximum character level of 65

Download the update now and jump into the adventure of 4.0! Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the update in the comments below!