The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 28/08

you need a budget

So as Gamescom is over you’re all probably waiting for next-gen to come out and worrying about saving money for it. Well good thing Steam are here to bring you current gen games for low prices, check out what you can get your hands on below.

Okay, so this isn’t really a game, but it will help you save money for your new console. You Need a Budget has recieved nothing but praise since it’s release in 2012. It’s been called the best personal finance software ever and has exceed many expectations. To get yourself this software all you have to do it spend a small £7.49 and then have the software help you get your money in order. 

god mode

God Mode is a 3rd person shooter where you try and break out of hell. Sounds impossible right? Well you don’t have much of a choice so get your gun and get shooting! You can have a look at what we thought of God Mode and then see if you think it’s a game for you. The game is only £2.37 so it’s not like you’re parting with a lot of money!


So this next game is an odd one. Symphony. Your music is under attack and only you can save it. That’s right, your music, literally the music you own is under attack by a mysterious entity and you must fight to save it. Upgrade your ship, battle through your song collection and save your music! Right now the game is down to just £2.38 so why not give it a try and rock on?