More Details Emerge Concerning GTA V’s Special Edition Digital Content


Grand Theft Auto V has two different Special Edition’s, the standard Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition. Both of these come with digital content to enrich the experience of those who order that edition of the game.

Both of these come with additional weapons available in game. These are the .50 Caliber Pistol and the Bullpup Shotgun for firearms, and a Hammer for those who rather use brute force. The firearms both come with customisation options including skins and attachments and are avaialble from Ammu-Nation for free.

As you explore the streets of Los Santos as Michael, Franklin and Trevor you will come across many shops, all of which will offer you a 20% discount with the special editions alongside access to special inventroy. Each character receives an additional article of clothing, an entire out fit and a tattoo.

GTA Online allows you to create custom characters to play as using a heritage system, allowing you to choose what genes of your character’s parents are more dominant in your characters genes. As part of the Collector’s Edition you will also gain access to GTA IV’s Niko Bellic along with GTA III’s Claude and Misty as parental options during the character creation.

In GTA V all three playable characters have a special ability unique to them which are controlled with a special ability bar. Michael can slow down time to improve his aim, Franklin can slow down time to navigate with great precision in vehicles and Trevor can deal double damage whilst taking only half as much damage himself. The seperate special editions will allow the purchaser to have their ability bar regenerate 25% faster.

Finally, buying the Collector’s Edition will grant the player access to a few unique vehicles. These come in an exclusive garage which comese stocked with the CarbonRS sports bike and the Hotknife which is a 1930’s style hotrod. In GTA Online you will also find the Khamelion, a high-end electric car specific to GTA Online.

What do you think of these limited edition exclusives for GTA V? Are they an incentive for you to buy the Special or Collector’s editions? Let us know what you think in the comments.