Kingdom Of Knights Kickstarter Is Now Live

Animus Interactive has now officially begun its Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom of Knights, a new town-building massively multiplayer real time strategy game. The developers at Animus are looking for $30,00 from RTS fans, and are also shooting for a 2013 release of the game. Those who back the project will receive a number of in-game rewards, like banners, digital artwork from the game, beta access and even in-game store credit. The developers have also had good cause to celebrate recently, with their Facebook page passing the 10,000 like mark. Hopefully this can translate into a successful funding campaign for them on Kickstarter.

Kingdom of Knights will offer a mix of castle-building and warfare, and features the option of complete camera control.  Rather than just remain an isometric perspective, the developers want to include a host of options for the player when it comes to camera placement. Set in the land of Avalon, the game allows you to start building your city right away, and tasks you with expanding, even at the cost of other player’s cities. This will lead to RTS PVP gameplay that could prove to be a hit among players.

In terms of pricing, the game prides itself on its short “building times” – the time taken to build a city is very quick. The game will be free-to-play but Animus promises it won’t become pay-to-win. The studio has now set up its official site, upon which you can enter an early access programme.

What do you think? Are you interested in backing the RTSMMO?

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