Gran Turismo 6 Dream Cars Are a Reality

 Several car companies have submitted, “dream car concepts” to Polyphony Digital which will then be created and used in the latest installment of the Turismo franchise. These include cars that could be in the works, such as a Alfa Romeo 6C, a 6-cylinder car that would slot in between the 4C and 8C to the more out of this world such as the Batmobile-esque Bertone design. 

Yamauchi has secured this dream car deal with several companies, such as Alpine, Martin, Audi, BMW, GM, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Volkswagen and many more. In a interview with IGN Yamauchi claimed that, “we actually haven’t been turned down by anyone yet!” when chasing up the dream car concept. He added “There are actually other companies that have agreed to participate but we are not prepared to make an announcement at this time.”

Ontop of this several new cars such as the BMW 507/BMW Z8, the Cizeta, Fisker Karma EcoSport, Ford Focus ST’ 13 and many others have joined the already huge rooster of cars that can be used in Gran Turismo 6. 

However when asked about their releases and the PS4 Yamauchi commented, “It’ll take at least a minimum of a year” which means there is, “a good possibility it would be called Gran Turismo 7 by then.”

It has been confirmed that their last GT installment on the PS3  already takes a drastic amount of time to complete due to Cell Architecture which has now been at work within the series since Gran Turismo 5. Yamauchi noted on this issue, “Because the development scale has gotten so large, it’s become increasingly difficult to optimize…we learned that it isn’t enough for the programmers and engineers to work at optimization. It had to be the artists and the designers [too]. Everyone had to learn how to optimize systems in order for it to work.”

 Despite the delays to production, wherever the GT series moves towards, it will be an impressive step forward non the less, as the footage from Gamescom demonstrates.


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