Gamescom Displays Gameplay Video for Day Z Standalone Edition

Since the zombie games of the late 90’s, horror/survival fanatics have had one dream, and that dream was to kick zombie ass on a massive open world wasteland. 

How close are we to this reality? Well hopefully within arms reach as Bohemia Interactive’s Dean Hall provided us with the newest alpha footage of their development of Day Z at Gamescom yesterday. Whilst there is still some time to go before the game is even close to release the footage is more than enough to wet our zombie killing desires. 

The footage above, where Hall takes the gamer through the largest down in Chernarus, the location of this horror-fest shows off the latest steps forward the game has made in terms of visuals and weapon development. 

What do you think of the gameplay? Are you excited for a Day Z release? Let us know what you think in the comments below.