Ubisoft Releases Watch_Dogs Spin-Off App for iOS and Android

A new iOS and Android app, related to the upcoming Watch_Dogs, has been released by Ubisoft called H_ide. It is free to download and allows users to communicate with friends in a different way other than text or email. With features such as encrypting texts and voice modulation the app seems like it will be a way to communicate with friends when you are a bit bored.

The full list of functions are:

  • Anonymous voice messages
  • Encrypted text messages
  • Encrypt pictures
  • Record a message (up to 20 seconds)
  • Choose a filter to modulate your voice
  • Send it to your friend
  • Your friend will receive a link to listen to your message
  • Share content on social networks or send directly as SMS

A video was also released by Ubisoft to explain just what the app is.

Will you be downloading H_ide? Are you excited for the release of Watch_Dogs? Let us know in the comments.