Ubisoft Launch Hacker Hunt In Run Up To Watch_Dogs

The guys and girls at Ubisoft, developers of the upcoming Watch_Dogs which we are really excited for, have launched a little hunt in London. Five hackers have been sent to roam the streets of London and the challenge is to find them all with the use of the website http://wearedata.watchdogs.com.

Over the next 5 days Ubisoft will be leaking clues to finding the wereabouts of the hackers. Using this information you must use the WeareData map to try to locate the 5 hackers. Each hacker holds a secret message and you will get the chance to win a PS4 along with Watch_Dogs Collector’s Editions if you can get all the messages and unlock the special website.

When you collect the messages and crack the code they hold, head over to the Hacker Hunt page and enter the code to enter the competition.

What do you think of this competition? Enjoy the idea of bringing Watch_Dogs into real life? Let us know what you think in the comments.