League of Legends Hacked

To many unfortunate customers League of Legends is next in the firing line for security issues due to hacked accounts. According to a post on the game’s official website, Riot Games revealed that their accounts had been hacked with a vast, “portion” of this occurring on their North American accounts. 

The information stolen included first and last names, user account names, e-mail addresses and passwords. Furthermore, salted and hashed credit card information which was joint to around 120,000 accounts was also grabbed. Riot have reassured customers that those who made accounts post July 2011 will not have been affected by the attack.

Back in June 2011 the LoL servers were removed by a, “denial-of-service attack” lead by the Lulzsec hacking group yet this was only to knock servers offline, not steal account data. Accounts were then altered following this event. 

All players affected have been notified by e-mail and all LoL severs are forced to change their passwords.  Furthermore Riot is now looking into upping their security on the accounts, with moves such as e-mail verification and a two-step authentication yet we do not know when these actions will take place.

In a closing comment Riot Games’ Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck have reported,

“We’re sincerely sorry about this situation. We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to focus on account security going forward.”


Do you think attacks such as these will become more common place? And are free-to-play models most exposed to this issue?

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